Balance: The Key To Becoming Strong


The purpose of this book is to help people know that we can live a balanced life that will bring Glory to God, and maturity to us. That we don’t have to live making excuses for our bad behavior which produces shallow relationships with family and friends as well as with God. The Bible gives us guidelines to follow that will produce a life of maturity within us regardless of our past.






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This book gives Biblical strategies that we must implement into the body of Christ so that we may walk in true victory and fulfill the mandate given by Christ to reach the world.








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Chosen For Victory

We are not called to try to produce our own victory. We are called to enforce the victory Christ has already provided for us. This book provides Biblical understanding for the reader to live a life for which we have been chosen.





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Developing the Ministry Within You

Whether you are at entry level leadership or involved at the very top of the leadership level, this book gives you straightforward principles that will build strong, productive, and most importantly, unshakable leadership skills.











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The Battle For Spiritual Maturity



This book address our lack of maturity and our self- centeredness that hinders our spiritual growth.


Also available in Spanish.









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Choose To Be FREE

This book gives clear Biblical direction on how to be free from addictions of any kind, how to make the right choices and rebuild your world.









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