Five Challenges of Good Leaders


​This lesson points out the importance of stability and keeping our focus as we do the will of God. Every leader needs to know how to face these challenges and yet be victorious. Subjects covered in this lesson include:

  • Seeing the big picture.

  • Challenge of a steadfast mind.

  • Challenge of being a worker in the harvest.

  • Challenge of keeping a proper attitude.

  • Challenge of continuing to grow.

Lessons can be used as a Leadership small group study or for individual study.



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Characteristics of an Apostolic Leader

The leadership we need today is Apostolic leadership. Apostolic means embodying New Testiment Christianity as they did int he Book of Acts. We do not need more glorified managers, we need Spirit anointed leaders Subjects cover in this lesson:

  • Responisbilities of Apostolic leaders.

  • Identifying leader and training them.

  • Empowering leaders and releasing them.

  • Praying for people.

  • Setting an example.

  • Delegating tasks to the Body.

  • What does it mean to be Apostolic?

  • The leadership we need must be grown.

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Remaining Fruitful As a Leader

Many leaders are more interested in titles than the fruit. Just because you are a leader doesn't excuse you from continuing to be fruitful in God's work. Subjects covered in this lesson:

  • Why we must produce Spiritual Fruit.

  • Remaining Fruitful

  • Steps to help us remain fruitful.

  • Having the right kind of fruit.

  • How to be a Fruit-bearer.

  • Hope of the Harvest.

  • Harvesting your Field

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Why Leaders Need To Be Equipped


Since Leadership is the foundational principle to all growth in Christian Living, the leader must be prepared for the task. This Leasson covers important steps in the preparation of an effective leader. Subjects covered in this lesson:

  • Leadership by choice.

  • Heart Conditions.

  • Preparation of a Leader.

  • Three areas of faithfullness.

  • The importance of being equipped.

  • Working through the process of equipping.

  • Finding our place.

  • Perserverance: A final thought on equipping.

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Becoming A Kingdom-Minded Believer


This lesson provides steps to change from self-centered thinking to Christ-centered thinking and becoming Kingdon-minded. Subjects covered in this lesson:

  • From self-centeredness thinking to thinking of others.

  • Signs of self-centeredness.

  • Mindsets that must be addressed.

  • From local thinking to Global thinking.

  • Having a right perspective.

  • From here and now thinking to Eternal Thinking.

  • Where your attention goes, the power flows.


Price: $11.00 (Also available in Spanish)

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